Mobile App Development

iPad and iPhone solutions for workers on the go

We design and develop custom mobile apps that integrate with business solutions. They are designed to meet the unique requirements of each business and improve the effectiveness of workers on the go.

Enabling workers on the go

The modern workforce needs to work from the office and on the go. Our solutions enable your workforce to work from anywhere and still access important business data & reporting tools.

Whether working with live data in real time or offline with data that can be synced later, your workforce has the relevant information at their fingertips.

A number of our customers now have custom business solutions running on iPads and iPhones that integrate with their desktop FileMaker solutions. Industry standard authentication and granular controls mean precisely defined role-based security to control data access.


Some example scenarios where our mobile business solutions would be useful:

  • Conduct inventory checks while in the warehouse
  • Generate sales orders at a customer site (including capturing digital signatures)
  • Track shipping and receiving activities
  • Check in attendees onsite for an event
  • Update project status while traveling
  • Add research notes while in the field
iPad Inspection App Screenshot

Mobile survey collection

iPad Signature Capture screenshot

Signature capture

Online or offline

Whether your workforce needs to interact with live data in real time or has to work offline with data that can be synced later, our iPad solutions can adapt to your scenario.

If you have a wifi/3G/4G connection to the office then you can work with live data in real time. Any updates you make can immediately be seen by colleagues.

If the environment means that a wifi/3G/4G network is unavailable then a different approach is needed. Data can be synced to the iPad before you go offline and any new or edited data synced back to the office when a network connection is available.

iPad interface for SQL databases

Our iPad solutions are not restricted to working with data stored in FileMaker databases. The FileMaker platform can act as an intermediary to SQL data sources. This opens up the rapid development environment that FileMaker brings and lets a custom built FileMaker Go app work with your SQL database.

Showcase Solution - Guest List Manager

Guest List Manager was developed as part of a custom development project integrated with a desktop FileMaker solution and was published on the FileMaker site as a showcase of our FileMaker Go development skills.

Guest List Manager Event Detail screenshot
Guest List Manager iPhone dashboard screenshot

Guest List Manager helps check in guests as they arrive at an event. Live stats show how many people have checked in and how many on the guest list have not arrived yet. Guests can be marked as VIPs and an email can be sent to notify the host that a VIP has arrived. Emails can also be sent to the guests before or after the event, eg. to remind them of the event or to thank them for coming. Name badges can be printed and post event reports show you information about the attendance at the event.

In the sample solution, guests are found using the search facilities in the app but in the full version, bar codes or QR codes are scanned as the guest arrives. The full version also enables multiple iOS devices to check guests in at the same time. If you need a custom built mobile solution integrated with your desktop systems, please get in touch.

The video below gives a quick overview of some of the features in Guest List Manager.

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