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Contacts.crm is a powerful Customer Relationship Management software tool that helps companies manage the messy data growth that comes with growing a business. It is a multi-user system that manages all your dealings with current and potential customers in one place.

Powerful features help you organise your business and know your customers. It’s features work together to save you time and make you more successful.

It does all this and more:

  • Gives you a full profile of each person – instantly know which goods / services a contact has purchased or expressed interest in along with details of correspondence and mailings sent to them.
  • Tracks conversations with potential customers and schedules follow-up activities.
  • Generates highly targeted mailings with its powerful search facilities.
  • Stores details of your jobs, orders and projects.
  • Produces personalised documents, eg. order confirmations, that can be printed or emailed with a few clicks.
  • Protects your data – users are given access to information relevant to their role without having access to data they shouldn’t.
  • Generates invoices and tracks payments received.
  • Produces a range of reports analysing the business.

Letters and emails can be sent to anyone in the address book directly from the system. All correspondence sent to a person can be listed with the click of a button.

Store details of all conversations you have with each contact and schedule follow-up calls for the sales team.

Over time you build up a complete history of dealings with each contact on the system. You see details of any conversation that anyone from your organisation has had with them.

Your sales team can schedule their calls and know that they will not forget to follow up any leads as Contacts.crm will remind them when they are due to make that call. They can, at any time, see a list of missed and future calls.

Select groups of people and/or companies and send email campaigns and printed mailings. The system merges the address details with the text of the mailing and prints or emails the mailing, as required.

A complete history of campaigns is kept so you can see who received each mailing and how much each mailing cost.

Set up projects that you are quoting for. You can create and store quotes so that you have a record of what you’ve sent the potential client.

Create and print sales invoices in Contacts.crm. Links can be created to your accounting package so that invoices are also created in your accounts system. Send reminder letters and statements to those who have not paid.

Keep track of your costs. Create purchase orders and link them to your projects. Links can also be created to your accounting package so that purchase orders are created in your accounts system.

Tracks payment received against your invoices. Knowing who has & who hasn’t paid their invoices is not limited to the accounts department.

This module turns your website into a dynamic, constantly up-to-date site. Up to date information on your website is crucial. You can use your database to supply any information that regularly changes. This module also makes it easier to update other areas of your website. You don’t need to know any html. You simply update the text like you would in a word processor. The system displays that text on your website.

An online ‘shopping cart’ can be set up to allow your customers to order over the internet.

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