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Pre-built solutions that can be tailored to fit your organisation

Our solutions are complete software packages based on years of experience. They are feature packed, robust, multi-user solutions that help your business run efficiently and effectively.

Trainer.crm - Course Administration Software

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Trainer.crm is the ultimate course administration software for training providers. It helps manage all aspects of a training business. It includes the powerful CRM features of Contacts.crm and adds a comprehensive set of features to help with the administration of a range of training courses.

Automate many of the organisational tasks associated with running successful training courses or conferences. Integrate with your accounts system. Keep a track of your sales & marketing activities. Power a dynamic website showing future course dates with online booking.

Trainer.crm streamlines the way your training business operates and gives your customers the reassurance that they are dealing with an efficient and organised company.

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Contacts.crm - Customer Relationship Management Software

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Contacts.crm Contacts.crm is a powerful multi-user customer relationship management solution that organises your contacts, jobs, orders and projects in one place.

Keep track of companies, people and all your dealings with them. Letters, emails, faxes, mailings and even conversations.

Many of our custom development projects have contact management / CRM features at their heart. Contacts.crm can be a great jumpstart solution that is expanded to meet the specific requirements of your business. There is no need to re-invent the wheel.

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Designed to be customised

Our solutions have been built on a framework that can be tailored by Cutting Edge Software to meet your needs.

Features that are unique to your business can be bolted on to our standard systems. This hybrid approach gives you the best of both worlds - core functionality that is already implemented, a solid foundation that has already been 'real world' tested and features that are essential to the way your business operates but are not available in off-the-shelf software.